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Tip for Resin Art Coasters

If you've ever made coasters, you'll know that sometimes final flood coats are unavoidable. And with flood coats comes the inevitable reality of drips and the need to sand, so what should you do? I highly recommend skipping the sanding and the tape and instead using liquid latex. Get a disposable brush and liberally apply to both the sides and half an inch strip on the bottom, directly where the drips would collect. Let it dry for an hour and then do the flood coat. Here's a little video of me removing the latex and the drips, saving me precious time and energy from sanding! <3

And if you're dying to learn how to make these coasters and much much more, head on over here to check out my Master Class!


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Alex Labunets is an abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. She mainly works with epoxy resin but uses other media in the mix to achieve various results. Her work is inspired by nature and semiprecious gemstones, geodes, and agates. To inquire about a possible commission, click here.

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