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Resin Art Essentials

If you're just starting out with resin art, the list of supplies necessary can be daunting. It takes a little while for everyone to gather their bearings, so I have compiled a list of supplies that I see as "absolutely necessary" and supplies that are just nice to have on hand in your studio. By no means is this list exhaustive but it'll start you off on the right foot from the beginning!

Supplies that are absolutely necessary:

Supplies that are “nice” to have:

Where I buy pigment pastes and dry pigments:

That's it for now! Hope this helps. Happy creating!


Alex Labunets is an abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. She mainly works with epoxy resin but uses other media in the mix to achieve various results. Her work is inspired by nature and semiprecious gemstones, geodes, and agates. To inquire about a possible commission, click here.

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