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Relaxing Progress Video of Wall Art Being Poured

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

It's so funny to me now to reflect on the progress of this whole piece. I've always known this (and didn't want to admit it of course) that I can only do one thing right at a time and if I'm doing art, nothing else can enter my focus.

But alas, when you're in today's world, you need to find a way to somehow make a camera be a part of your studio work. And so the first layer of this piece, even though it looked rather beautiful - for a first layer - I managed to get gold dust sprinkled evenly across it right at the very end 🙈😜 I thought, "Who cares? I always do at least two layers and it'll add interest that way, this gold dust!" I also learned from the first-layer-recording trial that I should avoid certain outfits to film in and so I reached for my favorite coveralls, only to find out that these babies had so much darn lint stuck to them that I only learnt about it when it all got lifted into the air and started making its way towards my piece.

So I'm glad that I got at least some recording done because 3rd (and maybe 4th or 5th?) layers will be just for me, just for the heart. Nothing will be distracting me; I'll be in my pure blissful element in my studio as usual 🥰

So please give me grace as I'm feeling my way through it all 💓


Alex Labunets is an abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. She mainly works with epoxy resin but uses other media in the mix to achieve various results. Her work is inspired by nature and semiprecious gemstones, geodes, and agates. To inquire about a possible commission, click here.

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