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How to Take Care of Your Resin Art

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Resin art is fairly easy to take care of luckily!


For resin art cheeseboards, you want to handwash the wooden part of the board and wipe down the resin part of it with a moistened paper towel. If streaks are a problem, I like to use a dab of plastic polish on a microfiber cloth to bring back the shine and take care of any scratches. I like to use PlastX on my art. Regular resin is very much sensitive to heat, which is why you should keep these cheeseboards out of the dishwasher to prevent ruining both the board and your dishwasher. I now have heat-resistant resin in my selection, so if you'd like me to add a coat of it to your board, it will make your board heat-tolerant up to 450 degrees F! So if your Aunt Martha comes over and accidentally puts a hot dish of artichoke dip straight out of the oven and onto your board, it won't all become a gooey mess ;)

Don’t put wet, hot or oily food on top of the resin. Even though we use a higher quality brand of resin that boasts being "food safe", I like to tell everyone to think of it as "incidental contact only" for wet, hot, or oily foods like that, while it's the perfect spot for crackers, nuts, bread and the like dry items!

Resin is scratch resistant but not scratch proof, so only cut on the wood and never the resin. And again, if it does happen to get some scratches, a dab of PlastX will take care of all that and bring it back to its like-new condition again.

To keep your cheeseboard looking immaculate for years and years to come, only stack it with other flat items that won't leave an imprint on the resin (as can happen over time with extra weight sitting on it). If you want to pack it away into storage, wrap the resin into glassine paper and then wrap on top of it with bubble wrap with the bubbles turned out - or else the bubbles can also cause the unfavorable imprint.

That's it! Once you know how to take care of your resin art, it's super easy to maintain it. And in exchange for a little tender love and care, I guarantee you'll relish having something so glistening and sparkly adorning your kitchen and dining room for years to come! An eye catching piece like that is always a conversation starter.

Resin Wall Art

For resin wall art, it's even easier to take care of it.

Skip the duster and once in a while just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth with some PlastX on it.

I would highly recommend displaying it far enough from humidity (so don't hang it above a boiling kettle or in a really small bathrooms where you like to take steamy showers) to protect the wood that the resin has been poured on. If your art has been poured on plexi glass, enjoy the freedom of humidity! (I'd still skip hanging it above the kettle though because that's not just water but also heat and resin art may start to do funny things in steamy heat.)

Last but not least, don't hang your resin art in direct contact with sunlight. Especially if you have white, cream, or any other light color themed wall art, you want to hang it in a way where sunlight doesn't hit it for more than an hour a day, unless you want it to turn yellow in a couple of years.

And that's it!

Easy, huh?

Till next time!


Alex Labunets is an abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. She mainly works with epoxy resin but uses other media in the mix to achieve various results. Her work is inspired by nature and semiprecious gemstones, geodes, and agates. To inquire about a possible commission, click here.

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