Frequently asked questions

Resin Art Master Class

Do you have smaller online classes for just coasters or just cheeseboards?

At this time I'm only offering the one master class where I teach everything I know and everything I've made thus far.

How do I enroll?

Contact me first! If there are openings currently, I will send you a link to a Non-Disclosure Contract that outlines how you may use the content you learn in my class and then once I receive the signed copy, I will send you the invoice. Once I get confirmation of payment, we can then compare our schedules and select a date and time that works best for both of us for you to take your Day 1 portion of the class.

How do I pay?

You may either pay through Venmo or Paypal. If you'd like to use Paypal, please add 3% to the total if you're in US and 4.5% to the total if you are currently outside of US to cover Paypal's fees.

How soon can I start?

If there is currently an opening, we can start as soon as I receive both the contract back signed and the confirmation of payment. However, since I don't accept too many students at once for me to be able to dedicate enough time to each of them for questions and the like, I often have a waitlist for my class. Please contact me about enrollment to see how long the estimated wait is right now and the month you'd prefer to start the class in.

Do you provide any guarantees?

I promise to answer any and all questions you have for me. If I've done it, I'll tell you how I did it. No questions are off bounds. I promise that by the end of this class, you will know how to make ribbons as good as mine. I promise to infect you with the love and passion that I share for resin art. <3

Why 1-on-1 if the pouring videos are pre-recorded?

Because 100 people can watch the same thing and all 100 of them will have different questions about what they just watched. When I'm 1-on-1 with a student, I can stop and pause the video and explain something in great detail - something I may have assumed before was common knowledge may not be the case for you and *that's ok*! And if what I'm explaining to you is already far too easy, I can skip ahead to the more challenging part of the class. That's what's so great about 1-on-1 classes. I get to check in with you constantly to see how well you're absorbing the material and adjust as necessary. I also firmly believe that there's something magical that happens when you're trying to explain a concept to someone personally and individually. It's like that person's knowledge gets transferred over to you "by osmosis", beyond what's actually being discussed. As I valued this style of education myself in the past, I believe my students value this style of learning themselves. If you'd rather learn from an online class that's prerecorded without any individual attention from the instructor, this is probably not the class for you as there are many resin artists out there already who cater to this type of audience.

This is NOT the class for you IF....

- You've never worked with resin before - You want a cheap online class - You don't need the 1-on-1 attention from me

Why is there a wait list?

Because I take on a small number of students at a time to ensure I give them the very best of me and that I can support them as best as I can throughout their time with me. I also need to make time for creating extra video tutorials someone may request from me, as well as time for orders and commissions, AND time to have fun in the studio, experimenting with new techniques and materials, so that I can keep my "well of inspiration" filled and replenished :)

Materials & Supplies I Use

Where do you get your glitter for your coasters?

The chunky gold and rose gold squares I get at The multidimensional glitter flakes I get at

Where do you get your molds for coasters? I get the 100 mm depth option. Tell them I sent you <3 I love to support other shops when I can!!

What resin do you use?

I have several brands I use depending on what I want it to do. For coasters I've been using KSresin casting resin. Use code: UNDILUTED to save 5% off your order! For cheeseboards I mostly use ArtResin.

Do you do tutorials on Youtube?

Whatever videos I've created, I try to post them on Youtube as well. Tutorials I make expressly for my master class students.

Coasters & Cheeseboards

I can't see coasters in your shop. Can I order custom ones?

I take custom orders at certain times of the year for coasters for me to be able to diversify what I create, to keep my creative juices flowing, and not be dubbed as the "coaster artist" 😂😜 Follow me on Instagram where I announce in my stories when I start taking coaster commissions again. Till that time comes again, I'll periodically stock my shop with random color coasters and it'll be on a first come, first served basis just like in every other shop. Stay tuned!

How much are the coasters?

For a set of 4, they are $110 + tax + shipping. For a set of 6, they are $150 + tax + shipping.

Can I get a discount on coasters if I'm also buying a cheeseboard to match?

Yes! RIGHT NOW (which means subject to change!) you'll get $30 off for a set of 4 and $40 off for a set of 6 when adding to a cheeseboard order. Please message me for a custom invoice as the sales system here can't do that yet.

How do I care for the coasters?

Coasters take a month from the date of their creation for them to reach optimal hardness and high temperature resistance. Please wait a month to put hot drinks or anything that will leave impressions or marks on them (even cold mugs). They will be heatproof up to 450 degrees F once they’re done curing!

Also don’t store them in direct sunlight (like on a window sill) as that will speed up the aging of resin and while they will still be just as gorgeous and heat resistant as ever, the sunlight will cause the resin to yellow slightly so try to limit the UV exposure when possible.

To bring back shine or remove scuff marks, use PlastX and a microfiber cloth to wipe and buff the coasters.

How do I care for my cheeseboard?

Easy! Follow a few simple rules so it will last you a lifetime! - Don't store it in direct sunlight as it will cause the resin to yellow with time. - Cut on the wooden part of the board and not the resin part. Resin is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof and knives won't do it any good. - Avoid putting food on the resin part unless it's something dry like crackers - You can rinse off the board after use but don't soak it. - Use a plastic polish & cleaner to bring back shine to the resin or buff out any marks. I use PlastX on my resin art and it works great. - If you've purchased your board with a heatproof layer, your board can withstand 450 degrees F of heat! If you didn't get that add-on layer of resin, do NOT place anything hot on or near the resin art. That's it!

Can I get a wholesale price if I'm buying a large number of coasters / cheeseboards / etc?

Since each piece of art I create is handmade (and true art isn't mass produced) and there's only one of me, I can't do wholesale prices. If you want pieces that are created with an immaculate attention to detail and creativity, this is what they cost!

Wall Art Commissions

How do I go about placing a custom order for wall art?

Contact me and once I have an idea of what you're looking to have made, I can put together an estimate for you with an approximate cost of shipping. Once you approve the estimate, I'll send you a contract to sign that outlines payment process and what to expect in the next few weeks when I will be creating something just for you. When I have received the retainer fee of 50%, I will start working on your wall art and send you progress shots as we go along.

How do you ship your wall art?

I build a custom art crate for the size of your particular wall art piece and make sure it's properly protected before shipping it off!

Do you ship worldwide?


What's your return policy?

If you've purchased something from my shop, which means it wasn't a custom order, you may return it within 14 days of delivery. Must be in original sellable condition and you will need to contact me first for approval. Buyer pays return shipping. The original shipping costs will be deducted out of the refund (which can anywhere from $10 for cheeseboards / coasters to $400+ for wall art). For wall art custom orders / commissions, there are no refunds.