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Alex Labunets is a mixed media abstract artist located in Seattle, Washington. She mainly works with epoxy resin but uses other media in the mix to achieve various results. She creates nature-inspired contemporary wall art and functional art like cheeseboards and so on.

Being a mother of two littles, 7 and under, art quickly became a much-needed respite and a form of self-care.


Her love interests also include photography, health & well-being, and watching her husband do the dishes. She also has tattoos, has been known to occasionally use profanity in front of her kids, and has never ever baked anything inspired by Pinterest, because #justsayno. 


Good question.

I named my brand "Undiluted" because I liked the idea of something I was creating being "pure" and untainted. Purity also has spiritual connotations for me, which is very fitting because when I create art, I find it to be a profoundly spiritual and healing experience for me. 

Also? Epoxy resin can't be diluted. Ever. You can add pigments or glitter, but it can never be diluted like paint can be. And considering how pricey resin can get, resin art is not for the faint of heart, to say the least ;)

My dominant intention is for my art to bring the kind of peace and joy that it brings me - to anyone and everyone who experiences it.

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