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All of the work displayed on this site? I made it. Yup. 

I make art and I teach art. I love every second of it.

Also? The chatbox on the bottom right of your browser instantly connects you to me. How cool is that? No bots; no virtual assistants; just real good-natured human connection.

Thank you for supporting me in my artistic journey.

Love & Light,



Hey there! I'm Alex.


Is it all wall art?

Not at all.

If you stay here long enough, you'll see plenty of what's called "functional art" - home decor staples that are adorned with one-of-a-kind resin artwork to add a pop of color to your day to day life.

The shop gets frequently restocked with items like kitchen canisters, cheeseboards, napkin holders, coasters, and whatever else I feel the urge to paint and pour resin on ;)


Proudly made in Seattle, Washington, US

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